October 14, 2008

Canon PIXMA scanners now network ready on Linux !

A major update of the PIXMA backend is now available through Sane CVS.

Door is opened to scanning over a network on Linux, with (presumably) all PIXMA multifunction scanners offering a network connexion.

On Linux, older PIXMA models offering network connexion were only able to print, under the JetDirect protocol, using the well known port 9100.
Scanning over the network without a Windows or Mac box was unfortunately not possible, because involving a Canon proprietary protocol, named BJNP, coming with absolutely no information or documentation, and thus very difficult to approach.

Recent PIXMA models offering network connexion have been "enhanced" by Canon, in the way they now accept ... only the BJNP protocol for printing and scanning!
Bye bye JetDirect, welcome to Canon's world!

The situation then for Linux users? print and scan only with USB, forget about network ...

Until ...

Until Louis Lagendijk, a Linux user like many of us, acquired his new PIXMA MP970, and started to work on demystifying this BJNP Canon protocol, for his own needs, to have his printer work over the network.
Louis first designed a Cups printing driver, that works with all network PIXMA printers running the BJNP protocol. This cups-bjnp driver is available here.

Recently, Louis has also worked on adding BJNP support to the Sane pixma backend ...
The result now: you can scan over a LAN network on Linux with Xsane, and your PIXMA network scanner !

Great job.

With the arrival of Canon's new PIXMA 2008 series, models like MP620, MP980, ... which propose network and Wifi, are very likely (but feedback needed!) to be used on Linux with Sane, Cups, for printing and scanning over network ...

Good news again for Linux Canon users!


Anonymous said...

can I use these drivers for my mx300 mfp ?


Bob said...

I've built and installed the cups-bjnp driver (CUPS 1.3.9, Ubuntu 32-bit x86 8.10). bjnp correctly recognizes my mp620. Is there a ppd file (or a CUPS model/driver selection) that works for the mp620? The mp610 selection triggers a couple of errors and does not produce output.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem than bob (no output using CUPS 1.3.2+cups-bjnp 0.3, Ubuntu 64 bits 7.10)

Something is sent (verified on the printer's screen) but it's not printed.

So I would like to find a ppd file for the mp620 as well.

Proposed by Nicolos said...

Ok guys, are you trying to use Canon's driver (as described in this blog), and associated or modified PPD ?
This cannot work with bjnp, as Canon's driver uses its own USB backend to access _only_ the USB port. It cannot be used in conjunction with a network backend, like bjnp backend.

The only way I see to have MP620 work with bjnp network, is to use a Gutenprint driver, like MP610's one, or maybe, another one for this PIXMA.


marcel said...

I'm trying to get it working with a modified mp620 ppd file from here:
(inside the dmg file)


For now, i have tried with these two filers:

*cupsFilter: "application/vnd.cups-postscript 0 textonly"
*cupsFilter: "application/vnd.cups-command 0 commandtocanon"

This prints the cups page test in text mode but in color :o)

PS: i'm the same anonymous at November 01, 2008

marcel said...


Well, in fact, it doesn't print the cups test page but the printer self-test page :(

It's the same text on both buttons in french oO...

Proposed by Nicolos said...

Did you give a try with Gutenprint's MP610 driver ?

Bob said...

The errors that I referred to showed up using bjnp with the gutenprint mp610 driver. See http://messingabout.wordpress.com/2008/11/01/canon-mp620/ for the message text.

When I get a chance, I plan to try the gutenprint mp610 driver via USB.

Bob said...

I tried it this morning with the Gutenprint mp610 CUPS+Gutenprint driver and a USB connection, with the same results as before:
E [06/Nov/2008:07:52:47 -0500] [Job 40] No %%BoundingBox: comment in header!
E [06/Nov/2008:07:52:47 -0500] [Job 40] No %%Pages: comment in header!

Proposed by Nicolos said...

Actually, this means a driver issue (MP610 driver not compatible with MP620), not a bjnp backend issue.

You need now to try with other Pixma drivers proposed in Gutenprint: MP150, MP160, MP170, MP520, ... and also, printer drivers : IP4100, IP4200, IP4300, ...

Maybe one of those will do the trick.

Bob said...

I've now tried IP4100, IP4300, IP4500, i850, MP160, C2500, MP520, MP600 and MP610. In no case do I get any output at all when attempting to print the test page. On several, I also tried piping the output of 'ls' through 'lp' and also received no output. Some drivers (including MP610) will cause the printer to wake up, warm up and open its output tray. Others seem to do nothing at all.

Wondering whether my CUPS or Gutenprint installations might be bad, I configured a CUPS/Gutenprint PCL6 driver for my laser printer (which I normally use via proprietary drivers). The test page printed fine. However, I got the same errors in the log file from that one that I get from the MP620 attempts, so I think that those errors are probably endemic to all CUPS/Gutenprint drivers on my system.

Perhaps when I get a little time on my hands, I can capture the conversation of the Windows drivers.

Proposed by Nicolos said...

You should post about that in the Gimp-print mailing list.

Looks like situation is the same with the new Canon iP4600 printer, and someone has started looking at this.

Maxime said...

I bought the MP620 yesterday and I success in printing yesterday far in the night !
Under Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 and with USB link.

1. Download the two file from canon asia website :

2. Install them :
sudo dpkg -i cnijfilter-common-2.80-1.i386.deb && sudo dpkg -i cnijfilter-mp610series-2.80-1.i386.deb

3. Download the ppdMP610fr-1.3.tar.gz file found at http://mp610.blogspot.com
I followed the README file in the instructions to copy the files to the appropriate places.

4. Edit the cifmp610.conf file and add an entry in the “model” section for MP620 with a model ID of 1399

5. Restart CUPS
sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart

6. Turn on the printer and Plug the USB cable, and the printer is Successfully detected and I can print.

7. No, that stops to step 6. I'm upgrading to intrepid in order to make the cups-bjnp "driver" to talk to the printer trought the network.
Following to the next episode...

Thanks to James to have opened the door !


Proposed by Nicolos said...

Something is a bit strange about that !
At step 4, do you have reinstalled the printer and selected the Canon driver, using the cups web interface, or the Ubuntu Gnome printer interface ?

Before going to intrepid (the cups-bjnp driver works on Hardy), could you double check which driver the printer settings is currently showing, check whether this is the Canon one, or the Gutenprint one.

Great chance that the Canon driver won't work with cups-bjnp, as this driver is usb only. But Gutenprint MP610 one should be right. So I suggest you to test that before upgrading, just to be sure which printer setting is active.

Also, could you post the current result of:

$ lpstat -t


Maxime said...

Nicolas, I'v seen your message today, and I upgraded two days ago...
Sorry !

I do it with Gnome Printer Interface (that talks to Cups server so it is the same)

I'm quite sure that she (my printer is a lady !) uses the canon driver, because I didn't try any Gutenprint one (volontairement), and unless I installed the canon one, the printer didn't work with your ppd.
But in your ppd, there is : *cupsFilter: "application/vnd.cups-postscript 0 pstocanonij"
So I think it is the Canon driver...

I build the cups-bjnp "talker" and I success in printing by ethernet. (See my today email, sent before I see your post)

15:54 maxime@maxime-laptop ~% lpstat -t
l’ordonnanceur tourne
destination par défaut du système : MP620-Ethernet
périphérique pour MP620-Ethernet : bjnp://
périphérique pour MP620-USB : usb://Canon/MP620%20series
MP620-Ethernet accepte les requêtes depuis le ven 14 nov 2008 20:49:23 CET
MP620-USB accepte les requêtes depuis le dim 16 nov 2008 15:30:56 CET
l’imprimante MP620-Ethernet ne fait rien ; elle est activée depuis le ven 14 nov 2008 20:49:23 CET
l’imprimante MP620-USB est désactivée depuis le dim 16 nov 2008 15:30:56 CET -
raison inconnue

Louis Lagendijk said...

I am the author of the cups-bjnp backend as well as the bjnp support in Sane. I would appreciate any feedback people can give on the combination of their Canon mutilfunctionals with either bjnp implementation.

luddite said...

Hi - I cant get this to work with my brand new MP610.

I got it on sale :-)

But ubuntu 8.10 wont recognise it at all.

Proposed by Nicolos said...

Ubuntu 8.10 comes with the latest published Sane package, 1.0.19, but the pixma backend that it includes, and which drives pixma devices, is now out of date (Oct 2007).

You need to install, as exposed in this blog, the latest Sane CVS version. This version includes a pixma backend that can drive your MP610 up to 4800 dpi, this is better than Canon's Windows driver.

Rick Klaw said...

I'm trying to get the Pixma mp620 to work on a 64 bit Ubunutu 8.10 desktop. The mp610 drives don't work. CUPS thinks it's printing and the printer window displays "Printing from computer.." but nothing happens. The printer window returns to its previous state and cups thinks it printed.

Sane won't find the scanner.

Printer self test and the copier work just fine.

The printer is connected via USB.

I installed the bjnp driver with no effect. Any further suggestions?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Proposed by Nicolos said...

MP620 has been reported to work fine with Canon's MP610 driver, either on USB, or on network after installing the cups-bjnp driver. There are 2 tutorials about that, but sorry, in French:



For the scanner part, you need to install Sane CVS, as Sane version coming with your Linux distribution will not work out of the box for MP620.

Technical Tony said...

I was able to get my new Canon MP620 to print on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 via USB. But the key wasn't anything to do with the drivers.

The key was that the default paper-tray selection doesn't work! After exhausting all other options I started experimenting and found that I had to specify the bottom 'cassette' tray in order for it to print. Otherwise, it would do the same as others reported -- say that it was receiving a "PC printout" and then just disappearing, no printout, as if nothing had ever happened.

Proposed by Nicolos said...

Did you succeed also in having MP620 scanner work with Sane CVS ?
Did you try also to use a network connexion to print or scan from the network with your MP620 ?

Anonymous said...

En suivant pas à pas les différentes instructions sur ce blog et sur http://www.futura-sciences.com/newsrss-canon-pixma-mp620-reseau-ubuntu_808546_0.php, j'ai pu faire fonctionner l'imprimante en USB puis en Wifi (la semaine dernière); le scanner refusait de marcher (I/O error en USB, Erreur de segmentation en Wifi) jusqu'à ce matin. Je suppose qu'une nouvelle version en CVS a été mise à disposition, le scanner fonctionne en USB depuis ce matin.
Un grand MERCI aux différentes personnes qui nous permettent d'utiliser de bons outils que leurs constructeurs oublient de rendre disponibles sous Linux.

Anonymous said...

It is a good news !!! I'll will try to install these drivers on my ubuntu 8.10 with my Canon Pixma MP600R this week-end. I'll give you some feedback of course ;)

Goffdely said...

Je suis l'anonyme du 30 novembre. J'ai oublié de préciser que j'utilisais une MP620 sous Ubuntu Hardy -j'ai utilisé Vista pour obtenir les paramètres WiFi sur une clé USB, puis je les ai fait avaler par ma MP620 grâce au paramétrage WCN-. Je souhaitais donc répondre à la question de Nicolos au sujet de la 620 : elle marche chez moi en impression en Wifi et USB, mais seulement en USB en numérisation.
Si quelqu'un est intéressé, je peux essayer de lui envoyer les fichiers à recopier sur une clef. Tous ne sont probablement pas utiles, mais je n'ai pas fait le tri...

Nicolas says: said...

Bonjour Goffdely,

Quel est le symptome en numérisation Wifi ?
Pouvez vous enregistrer une session avec Wireshark et me l'envoyer par mail ?

Anonymous said...

I have a Debian Lenny system with sane-utiles_1.0.19-21 installed. Was network scanning added after this release, or should this work with the Debian package?


Nicolas says: said...

Sane 1.0.19 is the last official released package, but carries a pixma backend now completely outdated.

You must get and install the latest Sane CVS, as explained in this blog (see: Give your scanner a new fresh Sane installation), to have the network running.

V said...

i have also Mp620. Unfortunally, i could´nt make my Printer working under Gutenprint, but the most actually version of Turboprint supports also new Canon Printers-i mean it works great (wifi e.c whitout any installation-just out of the box). But turboprint is to be payed some 30-40$. So, i hope that in the future will foomatic and gutenprint bring these new drivers. I have Acer Aspire one with Linpus on it.
So, if anyone knows free drivers for MP620, let us know...

Nicolas says: said...

If you read a few messages before yours, you will see that MP620 can work with Canon's free drivers for MP610, and cups-bjnp, on Wifi too. Someone has written a small tuto about that.

I don't know about Turboprint's drivers, but I invite you to test also the free solution with Canon's driver, cups-bjnp and Cups. Don't know yet if Gutenprint's driver for MP610 will work too, but worth a try.

V said...

Hi, thanks for advice-i tried with gutenprint-but nothing. All these other stuff i don´t know how to use because i am newbie to linux. Well, there is trialversion of turboprint drivers (30 days), so i hope that open source community will also bring us these drivers.
And i tried some drivers for MP610 and other Printers, but still nothing (i have Linpus-derivation of Fedora).

Anonymous said...

I just succeded to print on my MP620 with the driver for MP610, but first after having changed the paper source to casette.
I am running Ubuntu 8.10.
The MP620 is network connected and used in a mixed environment of LINUX and Windows clients.

V said...

Hi Anonymus-does your WiFI connection on MP620 works or not? Where exactly did you change that source...i am newbie to linux-and with which drivers-gutenprint?

Goffdely said...

For V.
Mine is working over WiFi, on the URI _bjnp:// (the fixed address of the MP620) and with the driver MP610 Ver.2.80fr described somewhere on this blog. On Ubuntu, printer's administration gives then access to an _option_ tab (or in your navigator, cups administration _/localhost:631_ ->printer administration -> options of your printer, general) on witch you can change the paper source...
It's working, Great thanks to the developers.
Nicolos said me that scanning over Wifi will soon work too :-).

V said...

Thanks Goffedly-well i am newbie to Linux (have Linpus/based ond Fedora) and have problem with this printing. I don´t even know if i found MP610 driver (how to install it if my Updater doesn´download it...?)
Sometimes it does start as it would prints something (also here described)-but than nothing.
Maybe if someone can give me a link to these drivers for MP610-if it functions that way that i dowwnload it and install it by doubleclick...

V said...

I have one more question (i found download sites)-do i need for fedora/linpus deb package or .rpm? As said-newbie...

Goffdely said...

For V
Looking on the net with Google, you can see that Fedora uses rpm packages...
And you have a good and short "how to..." here :
(but in french - and some changes to do to use with Linpus) and here : http://mp610.blogspot.com/2007/11/setup-canon-pixma-mp600-or-mp610.html, very near of where you are now ;-) and very complete...
En cherchant un peu avec Google, on voit que Fedora utilise rpm...

V said...

Thanks Goffdely, but i think i have some problem-when i try to install those drivers come messages "error resolving dependencies...missing dependency: cnijfilter-common = 2.60 is needed by package..."
I am too newbie for this...

Goffdely said...

For V.
Following the link above :
http://mp610.blogspot.com/2007/11/setup-canon-pixma-mp600-or-mp610.html , Nicolos explains the order to be followed for MP610, that's working with MP620 :
Try to follow that post scrupulously (may be you find useful information from Maxime in this page above, too, but it's for Debian and alii).
You can do it !

V said...

Thanks again,
i followed exactly that link-but nothing. Maybe is problem in my distribution (Linpus/Fedora), i dont know...

Goffdely said...

Great thanks to Nicolos for his good work ! The scanner of the MP620 is now perfectly working over WiFi too... (up to 2400 bpi.). When the machine is away from your computer, the use of the button of the scanner (with the good option ticked) fits correctly. A small regret, i didn't find how to use it (the scan button) in sequence, without going back to the PC and press again scan.
Congratulation for all the work done on this blog and in the backoffice !

Nicolas says: said...

Thanks Goffdely for your kind feedback and info on MP620, most of the congrats today goes to Louis Lagendijk, who fixed this issue promptly.

To scan several pages with the button, simply enter in Xsane main window, the number of pages you want to scan, in the "Number of pages to scan" field. Then, each scan will be trigged by the scanner button, the different pages will then appear in Xsane.
You can also use scanimage in batch mode (scanimage -b) and use the button option (--button-controlled=yes)

V said...

lowed instructions of Maxime and Nicolas-and i installed Driver 2.80 for MP610, but my printer (MP620) is not detected. Does anyone knows what to do? I wrote some posts on other blogs, so i apologize if repeat myself.
I am little frustrated, because yesterday my Printer was recognized, but it didn´t work. And today is not even detected. I am newbie to linux so every help is useful (Linpus user with Acer Aspire One)

V said...

Goffdely, can i ask which packages do you use: .rpm or .deb. I said many times (maybe also here, i don´t know any more) i installed 2.80 drivers, but have problems with detecting of Printer. What did you do after Installing drivers? I made cups restart (before i coppied files where are they to be after readme file from Nicolos...), but my printer is not detected. I have MP620 and Linux Linpus.

V said...

Finally: i succeeded to print , but...
I realized that my Printer is recognized only when i have installed commercial turboprint-so i installed it one more time. Now, my printer was detected, but i took canon mp610 .ppd file that i found here-and it works perfectly!
I would like to know why i can use yours drivers after installing (but not using) turboprint?
Anyway thanks all-i hope this will be permanent solution for me.
And yes-wifi works perfectly!

P.S. Sorry for repeating this post (i put it also on some other blogs)

Anonymous said...

While printing, do you have a pink tone on the grey ?

Some reported to have this problem too...

It's annoying and I don't know what to do to avoid this.

V said...

Hi anonymus-well now when you mentioned it i made one Printer Test Page and there is Pink tone on Grey Ramp. To me it is but not relevant because i need this computer only for text printing in b&w, and i didn´t notice any problem there.
Hope you´ll find solution to your problem.

V said...

About this pink-i am not sure if this what i am telling now useful but... i think that in older canon printers was the order of catridges a little bit different as it is in mp620.
So in this file /cifmp600.conf/ are some lines that are suggesting cartridges order:
color 0
bk 1
photo 2
bkcolor 3
bkphoto 4
photocolor 5

Maybe is there something to change. This is merely a thinking-maybe am i totally wrong...

Technical Tony said...

SUCCESS! Here is my simplified install process for Ubuntu 8.10 and the Canon MP620.

1. download the two updated DEBs and one PPD (see below for locations),
- cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.deb
- cnijfilter-mp610series_2.80-1_i386.deb
- canonmp610en.ppd

2. install 'libcupsys2' through Synaptic (needed for Canon DEBs)

3. install the Canon drivers,
> sudo dpkg -i cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.deb
> sudo dpkg -i cnijfilter-mp610series_2.80-1_i386.deb

4. install the printer using the newer PPD, canonmp610en.ppd

5. In the printer Properties > Print Options, set Paper Feed = Cassette

- I got the DEBs from the Canon Asia web-site,
. http://support-asia.canon-asia.com
- I selected Multifunction > Pixma > MP610 > Drivers
- I downloaded these 2 packages,
. "Common (Debian)"
. "IJ Printer Driver (Debian)"

- The PPD came from this same blog's SF project,
. http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=210977
- I downloaded 'ppdMP610en-1.3.tar.gz' (English) and unpacked it

Technical Tony said...

Sorry, I keep forgetting -- I'm only concerned about the print function, so far. I have another scanner so I'm not trying to make the Canon's scanner work (yet).

Trond said...

I have succesfully made xsane work with my new Canon MP980.

But I'm not able to make it print :-(

When I try to setup a new printer I can't figure out how to specify the new network printer.

Somebody that can help?

Anonymous said...

MR.Beast say:-
On Ubuntu Intrepid, V8.10 I have installed the 2 deb files as per instructions for my Pixma MP620, and basic printing functions no problems. Thanks for the great guide guys! Next stop BJNP over wired LAN and more thorough testing of this driver over both USB and network for printing and scanning.

Trond said...

I have installed
- cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.deb
- cnijfilter-mp610series_2.80-1_i386.deb
- canonmp610en.ppd
as explained by Tecnical Tony

for my networked MP980.

When I print something the printer console start saying that it is printing, but nothing is ever printed.

No error reports, just no printing happens :-(

Nicolas said...

Unfortunately, MP980 printer seems to be currently unsupported by all existing linux drivers, even by Turboprint.

Guess this should change in the future, but no solution comes to me at the moment.

You could try to post in the gimp-print mailing list to ask for help.

Trond said...

Strange situation: I have full scanning support with xsane, but i can't print :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi All

I plan to buy an all-in-one printer.
I'm choosing Canon MP540 : did someone make it worked with CUPS and SANE running Linux 64 or 32 bits ?

Btw, one vendor said "MP540 is equal to MP620 without wifi !"
However in SANE Project database, although MP620's status is tagged as good, MP540 is marked as untested due to "a protocol as Pixma Generation 3" (see http://www.sane-project.org/lists/sane-mfgs-cvs.html#Z-CANON)

I'm confused and don't know if I should go for Canon !


Nicolas said...

Currently, there's not yet any feedback about MP540, either for printing or scanning.
This generation of Pixma seems to have a scanner protocol very close to previous MPs, so it's very likely that the scanner will work out of the box (like MP620 or MP630, and now MP980 too) or with very little tweakings. Printing is more uncertain at the moment, may work (like MP620 or MP630) with a driver like MP520, or may not yet work (like MP980).

Trond said...

Anybody now if MP600 is useable for printing? Black-and-white works with MP610 but colors is a mess :-(

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nicolas for your answers.

If I go to Canon, my choice will be the most sur one. ie MP620, but still risks such as color (pink issue), button management, full res scan support.

Guys, could we list what still not 100% complete with MP620 tweaks ?


Anonymous said...

Technical Tony November 27, 2008

thank you! about using which paper tray; mp620; cups-bjnp-0.4;
slackware 12.0; cups 1.3.9; printed test page, no errors in log, everything seemed ok, selected 'automatic paper source switching'; prints now; prints dot matrix fonts but prints(working on it); trying to get to sane, thanks everyone too!

Bernd Buerklin said...

I followed instructions by Maxime November 14, 2008 exactly AND set paper feed to "Cassette" to get brand new MP620 to print over WiFi with CUPS. If paper feed is set to "paper feed switch" or anything automatic it won't print. Thanks. Now on to trying out scanning!
Ubuntu 8.10
Canon PIXMA MP620
CUPS 1.3.9

Nicolas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicolas said...

For MP620 users:

If you want to get rid of the automatic switch option, you just need to do a small change in the canonmp610en.ppd (or canonmp610fr.ppd) file.

- Locate this line in the file:

*DefaultInputSlot: switch

- And change it to:

*DefaultInputSlot: cassette

Can also remove the line:

*InputSlot switch/Paper Feed Switch: "<...
if you don't want it to appear in the selection list.

Then, reinstall the printer or copy over (or change directly) the existing ppd file for your MP620 in /etc/cups/ppd

Would be worth a new ppd set of files release for MP620 ...?

Mauss said...

Has anyone found 64bit version of the filters from Canon? I think that's the problem I'm running into at this point. Is there a way to get the 32bit filter to run on a 64bit system?

Jacob said...

I have an MP530. The scanning works great! Is there anything I can do to help to get a driver that can print higher quality than 600x600?


Javahollic said...

I just got 64Bit printing just figured out, on Ubuntu 8.10 anyhow, how to get the drivers installed (wireless and usb printing tested). No luck with scanning etc yet....

I just got the latest (modified jan09) MP620 compatible ppd from sourceforge, and followed instructions...

* dpkg --force-architecture -i cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.deb
* dpkg --force-architecture -i cnijfilter-mp610series_2.80-1_i386.deb

* dpkg --force-architecture -i scangearmp-common_1.10-1_i386.deb
* dpkg --force-architecture -i scangearmp-mp610series_1.10-1_i386.deb

There may be dependencies and compatibility libs needed that I already have, 'apt-get install' is your friend...

V said...

Hi, i am the V. who had Linux Linpus and Canon MP620. Now i have Ubuntu 8.04 an can not install file:

It says:
error: dependency is not satisfiable: cnijfilter-common

Does anyone knows what it should be? I installed turboprint drivers-wanted to make the same trick i made with my Linpus, but it doesn´t go.

i printed after all a dokument with gutenprint driver for mp610, but the letters are streched and the print quality is very bad. Does anyone knows how to solve this problem?

and when i try to open that file in terminal:
root@sugar:/home/sugar/Dokumente/Downloads# dpkg -i cnijfilter-mp610series_2.80-1_i386.deb
dpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten von cnijfilter-mp610series_2.80-1_i386.deb (--install):
Paket-Architektur (i386) passt nicht zum System (lpia)
Fehler traten auf beim Bearbeiten von:

V said...

I updated gutenprint. And when i choose the newest file for mp620 or 610 (5.2.2.) -nothing. But when i choose older version (5.0.2) of mp610 it is printing-but with all the problems mentioned before.

V said...

I tried also with localhost to setup the printer-everything went ok, but no printing is coming out.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody

I'm also running under ubuntu 8.10, 64 bits version and have a Canon MP 620 that doesn't work.

I tried to follow the instructions related here (thx Nicolas) but the drivers are made for i386 and doesn't work with 64 bits...

Please, help the newbie I am....

Anonymous said...

Follow the --force-architecture method above.

betsubetsu said...

I just received my mp620 and succeeded to print over ethernet after configuring a cups server using the ppd file available on this blog and using the cups-bjnp backend.
But I couldn't manage to scan over ethernet yet.

# ./bjnp
network bjnp "Unknown" "Canon network printer"

anybody has an idea?

Anonymous said...

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Manuel Scharf said...

I've successfully configured the network printing part of the MP620 by following the instrucions listened in the page http://www.michael-krueger.org/2009/01/how-to-use-canon-pixma-mp620-with.html
But be sure not to overlook the first part (just before plugging in the usb chord)

René Steetskamp said...

Thanks for all your efforts. It's by far the best source for PIXMA on Linux.

Unfortunately my MP620 is still not working on my Ubuntu 8.10 box.

Here's what I've got after following the instructions on this blog:
- After plugging in the printer's USB cable, Ubuntu correctly recognizes it.
- Running bnjp shows that Ubuntu can also see the printer over WiFi

So I apparently have both printer configurations ready to go in CUPS. The status applet tells me the printer is "idle".

But when I try to print the test page (or any other page, Postscript, OpenOffice or otherwise), I get "/usr/lib/cups/filter/cpdftocps failed". When I print over USB I also get the response "printer 'mp620-series' may not be connected". When I try cpdftocps with a PDF file (like "cpdftocps file.pdf") from the command line, nothing happens (it doesn't even return).

The same happens with versions 2.8 and 3.0 of the Canon drivers.

So it seems to me that the connections to the printer may be fine, but something goes wrong with the cpdftocps filter.

This has been driving me nuts for months. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

vic said...

René Steetskamp, try this-this helped me:

Install try version of turboprint drivers (turboprint.de). You don´t have to use their drivers or programm-remove from desktop their shortcuts, and just leave that programs and forget them (but do not uninstall them). I think that problem is "bnjp"drivers/files. After that, add new printer (using instructions read here-and read file "readme"-you have to put .ppd files on their places).
You don´t even have to connect your printer with usb cabe or to go to/localhost:631-wi fi should be enabled automatically.

Philipp Klaus said...

Just a note for everyone who is experiencing the same problems I've had:

When you installed the new sane-backends but executing the command scanimage -L does not reveal your Scanner you should make sure that your firewall allows connections to port 8611 (I finally found the tip on line 75 of the README file of the cups-bjnp package: http://cups-bjnp.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/cups-bjnp/trunk/README?revision=36&view=markup )

ps.: the MP970 is an excellent scanner - inSane!

Kevin said...

Hello all,

I am running Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit and am having trouble getting my mp620 to actually print. The printer is connected through USB and detected just fine (automatically found and downloaded drivers too), but when I attempt to print a test page the queue shows it as complete but nothing actually prints.

I am new to linux so I probably made a rookie mistake, just looking for someone to point it out.


Nicolas said...

Installing Canon's 32 bits drivers on a 64 bits machine requires a little trick.

CUPS will look for the pstocanonij filter program in a 64 bits folder /usr/lib64/cups/filter.
You just need to add as root, a link as follows to link pstocanonij with lib32:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstocanonij /usr/lib64/cups/filter

Jay McWilliams said...

OK, got printer to work in Ubuntu Intrepid AMD64 (8.10). Thanks to all the forums, I brought this together & got it to work;

First, you need to grab the needed files from LINUX section @ canon's website. (Just do a google search on each file)
cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.deb, cnijfilter-mp610series_2.80-1_i386.deb, scangearmp-common_1.10-1_i386.deb, scangearmp-mp610series_1.10-1_i386.deb.....


Then find & download this file: ppdMP620-630en-1.5

Use sudo nautilus goto /usr/lib , /usr/lib32 & /usr/lib64 & create folder bjlib & copy new PPD files there.

Following files from Canon support site for the MP610:
Use terminal:

* sudo dpkg --force-architecture -i cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.deb
* sudo dpkg --force-architecture -i cnijfilter-mp610series_2.80-1_i386.deb

* sudo dpkg --force-architecture -i scangearmp-common_1.10-1_i386.deb
* sudo dpkg --force-architecture -i scangearmp-mp610series_1.10-1_i386.deb

Now here's the important part, DELETE ANY previous canon printers. Then add new using USB (mine is USB#1). Next, DO NOT USE PIXMA MP610!!!! Use "Canon MP610 series Ver.2.80". Then go into the printer settings under options / paper feed choose something like cassette or rear tray. I have not used paper feed switch yet so pls let me know.

Sorry about leaving out the direct links but they keep changing them. This works on AMD64 & i386.


Kevin said...

When I connect my mp620 via USB Ubuntu automatically downloads drivers (CUPS+Gutenberg 2.5.3 I believe). Are these drivers sufficient or do I also need to download those listed by Jay?

Nicolas said...

Yes, the Gutenprint drivers are different from Canon ones.
Although they work fine, they are slower then Canon's one, limited to 600 dpi, and do not offer basically borderless printing.
But you can of course use them too, they offer the advantage to be open source software, compared to Canon's one, proprietary, with partial access to source code.

Allan said...

Like Kevin's post I am running Ubuntu 9.04 (but not 64bit) and am having trouble getting my mp620 to actually print. The printer is connected through USB and detected just fine (automatically found and downloaded drivers too), but when I attempt to print a test page the queue shows it as complete but nothing actually prints.

I followed the advise as how to load everything, but I probably made a mistake, looking for someone to help point it out.


Kevin said...


Make sure you change the paper feed to "cassette". Hope that fixes your problem.

Pooja said...

Thanks a lot for the post. I am fond of Canon printers as they are of high quality. Canon Pixma MP980 printer can print, scan, copy, and e-mail.The Canon Pixma MP 980 printer is designed very well with a silver and glossy black body.The printer also does well on graphics. The text prints are of average quality. For more details refer canon pixma mp980

Anonymous said...


I am still having problems installing this printer. When I enter your first line of code under COMMON: I get this:

kevin@kevin-desktop:~$ sudo dpkg --force-architecture -i cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.deb
dpkg: error processing cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.deb (--install):
cannot access archive: No such file or directory
Errors were encountered while processing:

So . . . I must have messed something up along the way. Could someone please point out where I've gone off track?


benni said...

I just bought an new MX 860 with LAN and Wifi network connection. Like you described in your latest blogpost I should be able to scan via network too.
You asked for comments, I will give them now to you: Working with the canon ist just great. No problems during installation. I just installed the canon drivers and the linked BJNP. And it works.
If some other needs help and finde someonne who translate it for him, he may use the german ubuntu wiki. It is a well written description.
For this or the next weekend I will try to install the new XSane on my Ubuntu.
Whish me luck. In thinks like this I am just a noob (sry for this horrible english).

Christian said...

Has anybody tried to use MP640? Any luck?

I have not been able to print or scan from Jaunty 9.04, although the devices seem to be recognised.

I am frustrated to have to use Windows on VirtualBox just to use my brand new machine. I am willing to do any testing on my system, if someone can make suggestions.

Thanks to Nicolas for efforts so far.

Canon Pixma ip4300 Printer said...

This is a good printer but I do not believe Canon makes it any more. I especially like the dual paper trays, small size, and speed at which it prints both documents and photos. I did not give it five stars because some of the small pieces - paper cassette cover and paper holder end seem to be very cheaply made. It also works well with generic ink cartridges and I will not be held prisoner by printer companies who charge exorbitant prices for ink.

Anonymous said...

J'utilise une MP640. L'impression marche en Wifi.
Avec sane-find-scanner j'ai "found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a9, product=0x173f) at libusb:001:01"

Par contre scanimage -L donne "No scanners were identified.".

En wifi par contre sane-find-scanner ne détecte rien.

J'ai installé les drivers linux cannon et "scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.20; backend version 1.0.2"


Mazur said...

I _have_ a Canon Pixma MP540, connected directly to a USB port on my Fedora 11/Gnome system, and I cannot for the life of me get it to print.

The printer is recognised, it seems, device /dev/usb/lp0 is created when I connect it. I can configure it, it gets recognised in gnome-config-printer, correctly, as a Canon MP540, but printjobs all go into a great big void.

I've found not a single reference on the web claiming the printer to work, and have no ideas how to make it work.
I've tried all different connections methods in gnome-config-printer, I think.

Stefan Linnemann

Nicolas said...


Don't know too much about Fedora, but I guess it has a Gnome printer settings window ?
Did you install the printer from there, and did you use a Cups or Canon driver to install it ?

chooochio said...

How can I scan transparencies from my Pixma MX310 or MP610 to my computer?

chooochio said...

can I scan transparencies from my Pixma MX310 or Pixma MP610?

Thanks CR

Henk said...

Installation MP620 on Ubuntu "LUCID"
After several tryings installing printer software I installed ubuntu LUCID again.
Na verschillende installatie mogelijkheden heb ik alles gedumpt. LUCID opnieuw geinstalleerd een paar updates uitgevoerd en de printer installatie gestart. Hier het resultaat:
After that I started the printer install procedure, result:


sudo dpkg -i cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.deb
[sudo] password for henk: ******
Selecteren van voorheen niet geselecteerd pakket cnijfilter-common.
(Database inlezen ... 146724 bestanden en mappen geïnstalleerd.)
Uitpakken van cnijfilter-common (uit cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.deb) ...
dpkg: vereistenproblemen verhinderen de configuratie van cnijfilter-common: cnijfilter-common is afhankelijk van libcupsys2 (>= 1.2.1); maar: Pakket `libcupsys2' is niet geïnstalleerd.
dpkg: fout bij afhandelen van cnijfilter-common (--install): vereistenproblemen - blijft ongeconfigureerd
Fouten gevonden tijdens behandelen van: cnijfilter-common


I can't find "libcupsys2" It was in 8.01.

Met beheer gezocht naar "libcupsys2", niet gevonden.

What now ? En nu ?

Shinji257 said...

The driver sees my mp980 but when I tried to use the mp970 ppd I get no output...

susja said...

Hello Folks,
I hit the wall and need your help.Please :) I bought Canon MX410 all-in-one. I was able to download and install printer and scanner driver from Canon european site. I am able to use printer now but I'm stuck with scanner which is very important for me. My scanner driver is 1.70. Installation of it was OK but when I try to scan document scanner fails to recognize PC. Any help would be appreciated ... or maybe you could direct me how to use SANE utility instead ... actually I tried xSane but it didn't found drivers for me. In other words I'm stuck and request help from someone.
Thanks in advance.