January 10, 2009

New MP620 and MP630 printers PPDs

If you're an MP620 or MP630 owner, you've perhaps struggled a bit to set up the printer part under Linux.

Those 2 models support the Canon MP610 printer driver, but the print parameters require a little "tune up":
They can work only if the "paper switch" option is either set to "Cassette" or "Rear Tray". But never set it to "Paper Feed Switch", or it will just print a blank page ...

Unfortunately, this latest option is the default for MP610, so a MP620 or MP630 newly installed printer requires a manual change to this option in the CUPS printer settings menus.

This is a bit annoying, and ... so easy to fix by tweaking again the PPD file ...
So I uploaded along with the MP600/MP610 PPDs, 2 new PPDs for MP620 and MP630 (in English and French), that simply remove the "Switch" option, and select "Cassette" as default paper source.

Installing this MP620-MP630 PPD will let you use now your printer out of the box without tweaking first the paper select option, and prevents from selecting a wrong paper source when printing.

Hope this helps ;-)