January 10, 2009

New MP620 and MP630 printers PPDs

If you're an MP620 or MP630 owner, you've perhaps struggled a bit to set up the printer part under Linux.

Those 2 models support the Canon MP610 printer driver, but the print parameters require a little "tune up":
They can work only if the "paper switch" option is either set to "Cassette" or "Rear Tray". But never set it to "Paper Feed Switch", or it will just print a blank page ...

Unfortunately, this latest option is the default for MP610, so a MP620 or MP630 newly installed printer requires a manual change to this option in the CUPS printer settings menus.

This is a bit annoying, and ... so easy to fix by tweaking again the PPD file ...
So I uploaded along with the MP600/MP610 PPDs, 2 new PPDs for MP620 and MP630 (in English and French), that simply remove the "Switch" option, and select "Cassette" as default paper source.

Installing this MP620-MP630 PPD will let you use now your printer out of the box without tweaking first the paper select option, and prevents from selecting a wrong paper source when printing.

Hope this helps ;-)


Anonymous said...

I have a MP620. The -'cassette'-option works with this PPD, but the 'rear tray' does't. With 'rear tray' options the printer shows that pc data is incoming and then it stops working (does not begin to print).


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much !

Updating from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 (not yet ready, I know ;-) broke my MP620 printing, but thanks to your new drivers everything is working again.

Anonymous said...

Should the MP620 be able to print Duplex using Linux and these PPD's. Mine doesn't seem to want to, when I set the print properties to Duplex in (for example) Open Office Org. is there a trick to getting it to work?

Nicolas said...

Yes, duplex printing should work with these ppds or Canon's original ones too.

What do you get exactly ?

Anonymous said...

I set up a test document with one word, hard page break and another word, and I get two pieces of paper printed instead of back and front of one.


I bought an iMAC and I am having problem with the scanner driver. When I bought the printer I threw away the CD with the drivers for the Macintosh because that period I owned a pc. I downloaded the drivers from the official site of canon but the scanner (only) doesn't work. When I double click the MP NAVIGATOR a message comes up " the scanner driver supported by this software is not installed, install it and then retry".I communicate with the service of canon here in Greece and they don't have drivers but they proposed to get the drivers frome the internet etc.
Any idea...

Nicolas said...

Did you install both MP navigator and scanner driver for MAC OS ?


they have in the official site 3 filew for download.
1) mp navigator
2) easy-way photo print
3) drivers for the printer

the first two are programs that help you to print with an easy way.
the third is the responsible for the drivers.
what else must I do ???

Nicolas said...


Are we talking about MP630 ? (you did not mention which model).

For MP630, there's a fourth file to install, the scanner driver.

I don't know on which Canon site you went, but this scanner driver is available on www.canon-asia.com, in the support page.

Anonymous said...

Using the 620 ppd, printing works, but I cannot get it to print to the rear tray for photos. it will ONLY print from the front tray. doe anyone know how to get the rear tray to work?

Rupert said...


i had my mp620 running yesterday, after a reboot today i cant print anymore.
When I plugin the USB i get an message from gnome that the printer is ready, but when I wanna print nothing happens.
Even the cups webgui detects the printer.

can this be a permission problem?
I changed an u.dev rule to get the scanner working, but switched it back but without change.-

Please help me printing again.

Nicolas said...


Did you try to reinstall the printer (delete existing one then reinstall using printer dialog) ?

Also, you can try to set debug logs for cups.
sudo edit file /etc/cups/cupsd.conf, and change the current LogLevel line to LogLevel debug
Save, and restart cups (or reboot).

Then, each time you print (or try to), you'll get cups logs in file /var/log/cups/error_log
There is certainly something wrong here which prevents from printing.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried to use the source code drivers for the MP620/MP610 now available at http://support-asia.canon-asia.com/P/search?model=PIXMA+MP610&menu=download&filter=0&ca_os=Linux I will compiling them this weekend, it seems one has to go to every directory and run ./autogen.sh before running make on the whole thing. I am looking to buy a MP620 after too much trouble with HP printers.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have a huge problem with my scanner on the mp630 and I was really hoping you could help. When I go to scan something it gets stuck at the "preparing" screen. I have all the correct drivers. Am I missing something else?

Technical Tony said...

I have experienced the same problem reported by many people here -- the print job seemingly disappearing. The cause in my case was the use of the "Photo Paper Glossy" media-type; changing to "Glossy Photo Paper" solved the problem.

Also, in order to get the updated PPD to load I had to delete my existing printer-object, then reboot and let the OS redetect it from scratch.

Can you update the PPD to remove the invalid media-type(s) ? Also, how come the official PPD (e.g. what's included in Ubuntu 9.10) doesn't include these refinements? Is that something you can contact 'them' about?

Thank you for all you've done!

William said...
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William said...


Merci pour ce blog, c'est incroyable qu'en 2009 enfin presque 2010, un firme comme Canon ne vende pas ses imprimantes avec des drivers maison pour Linux.
Je suis très en colère contre eux et en ce qui me concerne, c'est ma première et ma dernière Canon.

Naif mon ancienne Epson était tellement bien prise en charge, que pas un seul instant, je me suis possé la question, je vais leur faire une pub au petit oignons.

Venons en à mon problème, j'ai acheté (quelle grossière erreur) une Pixma MP 980 j'ai testé la méthode décrite ici, mais rien n'y fait, je n'arrive pas à imprimer.

Je tiens à signaler au miracle de la technologie, que le scanner fonctionne à) merveille.

Mais pour l'impression ….
Que ce soit en usb ou en ethernet, je n'y arrive pas.

J'ai téléchargeé http://sourceforge.net/projects/mp610linux/files/MP620%20and%20MP630%20enhanced%20PPDs/MP620-630-2.80-cups-ppds-1.5/ppdMP620-630en-1.5.tar.gz/download

J'ai compilé, quand je fait le test :
network bjnp:// "Canon MP980 series" "Canon MP980 series" "MFG:Canon;CMD:BJL,BJRaster3,BSCCe,NCCe,PLI;SOJ:TXT01,BJNP2;MDL:MP980 series;CLS:PRINTER;DES:Canon MP980 series;VER:1.050;STA:10;FSI:03;HRI:EU;MSI:DAT,E3,HFSF;PDR:4;"

Donc jusqu'ici tous va bien, quand j'ajoute cette imprimante réseau dans cups :
Canon_MP980_series_169.254.50.85 (Idle, Accepting Jobs, Shared, Server Default)

Canon MP980 series
Local Printer
Canon MP620-630 series Ver.2.80en (color, 2-sided printing)
job-sheets=none, none media=iso_a4_210x297mm sides=one-sided

Voilà les erreurs sur les jobs d'impression , j'ai pas encore trouvé la solution
Canon_MP980_series_169.254.50.85-24  Sans nom  will  13k  Unknown  completed at
Mon Nov 16 02:30:39 2009 
"Failed to read side-channel request!"

Par USB c'est pas mieux :
Canon_MP980_series-27  Sans nom1  will  137k  2  completed at
Mon Nov 16 21:28:02 2009 
"Unable to send print file to printer: Broken pipe"

Please help me …

Nicolas said...


J'ai peur que pour la MP980, il n'existe pas de driver Canon dédié, il faut essayer par exemple avec un driver de Gutenprint (pour un autre modèle de Pixma) et voir si l'impression fonctionne ainsi. Autrement, il y a la solution Turboprint, payante (ou gratuite avec limitation), qui propose un driver d'impression pour ce modèle.

Merci pour l'info concernant le scanner de la MP980, mis en oeuvre par le backend pixma de Sane, dont j'assure la maintenance.

pitney bowes supplies said...
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peterb said...

I managed to get my MP620 printing from 8.10, then upgraded through 9.04 to 9.10.
Didn't think to check the printer in 9.04, but found to my dismay that it doesn't work in 9.10!

So far I've downloaded and installed all the .deb files:

downloaded and installed the files in:

and downloaded, configured and installed:

bjnp reported the printer as:
network bjnp:// "Canon MP620 series" "Canon MP620 series" "MFG:Canon;CMD:BJL,BJRaster3,BSCCe,NCCe,PLI;SOJ:TXT01,BJNP2;MDL:MP620 series;CLS:PRINTER;DES:Canon MP620 series;VER:1.040;STA:10;HRI:EU;MSI:DAT,E3,HFSF;PDR:5;"

System>Administration>Printing found the printer at the above IP address and installed it OK.

Then comes the problem. When a page is sent to the printer, the printer reports 'processing', spits out a blank page, and goes back to 'ready' state.

That's what the printer reports.
The 'printer properties' window reports
Printer State: Processing - failed to read backchannel data:Success
and stays that way until the cows come home.

Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong and, more importantly, how to get the printer working?

Thanks in anticipation,

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all the info!

I found out that Canon MP630 driver ver.3.00 comes with a utility (printuimp630) to control print quality, color intensity, borderless printing, grayscale output etc.
I guess that pretty much eliminates the need for a custom PPD? It would be nice though to have these integrated into or accessible from the CUPS printing dialog.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had any luck with the Pixma MP980? I wasn't able to find drivers from Canon specific to it so I've used the drivers mentioned for the MP630. I can find the printer on the network but when I try to print a test page I get the "Failed to read side-channel request!" message in the logs. Not sure what else to try at this point.t

Nicolas said...

AFAIK, there's no specific driver for MP980 either from Gutenprint or from Canon. Driver for MP150 used to work for MP970, but not sure it will work with the MP980.

In your case, best would be to use the Turboprint driver, which can handle the MP980. At least, try the free version to check.

Anonymous said...

i have a canon mp620 ive tried to do the items listed to do but my printer isnt workin still its saying i need sudoapt-get install f? how do i get that?

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Goffdely said...

Il y a déjà longtemps que j'ai pu installer et utiliser ma MP620 grâce au travail de Nicolas.
Mais, depuis le début de ce mois, -y a-t-il eu une mise à jour de CUPS ?- j'obtiens le message suivant :""Failed to read side-channel request!"", et le job est rejeté...
J'ai repris l'installation de A à Z, mais le problème persiste.
Je me souviens d'un problème d'impression il y a un an ou deux, à la suite d'une mise à jour, mais il y avait très vite eu une m-à-j diffusée.
Mais en ce moment, ce sont les vacances...
Ubuntu Natty